Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki!

My friend and I drove up to Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki Prefecture this past Sunday! I remember seeing pictures on Instagram last year of Fukuroda Falls and I knew that I had to go see it for myself! Located in Northern Ibaraki in Daigo Town, Fukuroda Falls was about a 2.5 hour drive from Chiba.  It is one of the three most renowned waterfalls in all of Japan. We got there just before the sun started to set, so it was especially beautiful!
Fukuroda Falls

Suspension Bridge

There were many parking lots along the road to the falls, but the one that we ended up parking at cost 500 yen.  But instead of paying the 500 yen, the store owner asked that we buy something at their store that cost about 500 yen. I had never experienced this kind of payment plan before in Japan, but it ended up working out well for us!

As we were walking down the road, our noses were greeted with not only the smell of autumn, but with the smell of Ayu fish, or sweetfish.  Cooked over a fire, it is slightly salty and delicious! 
Ayu sweetfish
Getting dark...
We finished walking around dusk, so then we made our way to our hotel.  We stayed at the Mito Keisei Hotel in Mito City.  We found that they had a special offer for people who stay on Sunday, so if you plan on staying on Sunday, please try to check it out! It only cost us 4,400 yen per person for one night.  After checking in, we walked to Kushitonbo which was located just outside of the JR Mito Station.  Not only was the food delicious, but the atmosphere was a lot of fun!  For certain drinks, if you win a game of rock-paper-scissors against the server your drink will be upgraded to a bigger size for free! Definitely a fun restaurant for anyone!  After eating, we walked to Jazz Bar S&F for more drinks.  After walking up a flight of stairs we could hear jazz piano music through the door.  The bartender greeted us and took our order in English, and even gave us free fruit with our drinks!  For jazz or record enthusiasts, this bar is a must!  The bartender had an entire room of jazz records!
Drinks and fruit at Jazz Bar S&F
It was raining a lot the next day, so we decided to go home in the afternoon.  But we stopped at Kani Hompo Ganko-ya for a crab lunch!  We got crab legs and a crab gratin.  Both were amazing, but the legs were the best!  There was too much food for me though, so I couldn't finish my crab legs.  Since we went during lunch, the bill came out to about 2,500 yen for the both of us!
Crab Gratin
Crab Legs

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