Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beautiful Roses at Hitachi Seaside Park

Yesterday (June 7), I went to Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki with my brother and one of my friends.  My brother said that he wanted to visit there while he is in Japan, so we decided to go for the day.  For flower enthusiasts, I highly recommend going there! It makes for a lovely day trip.  Even if you don’t like flowers, there is also an amusement park with a Ferris wheel as well as a large open space to play sports.
Ferris Wheel and Poppies
We left around 10:30 am and arrived there around 12:30 in the afternoon.  I had driven my car, so we had to pay 510 yen to park my car at their parking lot.  There are three parking lots (West, South, and Seaside) and the price is the same for all three of them.  We parked at the Seaside Parking lot, which is furthest away from the rose garden, but we were able to find a parking space pretty easily.  We could also see the coast as well which was very nice.
View of the coast from top of the hill
About once a month, they have a free admission day, so we were very lucky that it happened to be on the day that we went.  Admission is 410 yen for adults, 80 yen for children, and 210 yen for seniors.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find information about the free admission days on their English website, so please check their Japanese website for more information!

Roses are currently in bloom, so we could see many beautiful roses.  We could also see some poppies too when we first entered the park.  

The park is very big, so if there are lots of things that you want to see but if you don’t feel like walking around the entire park there are some convenient modes of transportation.  Bicycles can be rented there at 500 yen for the day, or 400 yen for three hours (it’s an extra 50 yen for every 30 minutes after the three hours). (For children it’s 300 yen for the day, 250 yen for three hours + 20 yen for every 30 minutes after) [As written on their Japanese website].  They have many kinds of bicycles that can be rented, including tandem bicycles.  If you decide to rent a tandem bicycle you and your partner will both have to pay to use the bike.  There is also a cute train that goes through the park as well that one can ride for 500 yen for the whole day.

The flowers change every season, so please check their website to find out which flowers are blooming!  


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